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September 2015

Decrypting Outcomes

Don’t we all wish that outcomes are already decrypted for us.  Well I looked at a outcome in the saskatchewan curriculum to try to decrypt want the ministry wants taught.  The outcome was Health USC5.1:  Analyze personal eating practices.  I believe this means to examine (or look at) what people are eating (vegetarian, vegan, etc..) and how much food they are consuming.

From this I have come up with some activities we could do as a class.  We as class can keep food journals.  We could also learn how to read food labels and nutrition facts ( by filling in worksheets).  Then we could compare and contrast different foods by looking at news paper/magazine ads. I could assess this by having the students make posters, taking quizzes and filling out worksheets. I could also work on indicator number 9, which looks at this differences of consuming processed food versus non-processed foods.


Close Reading Analysis of Taylor Mali’s “What Teachers Make”

Taylor Mali is trying to sell his audience on what a teacher makes. He makes himself seem authoritative, demanding and under appreciated.  But he makes a good point that teachers have to be this for their students.  That being a teacher makes you the person that students will look up to.  He goes on to say that a teachers make students better all around people by making them question the world around them.

Do I agree with him? Yes and no, I feel that teachers do have the unique job of teaching children to be critical to the world around them.  However, I do not agree with his methodology.  As a teacher, you need to rise that child up and not cut them down.  This can be done in many different ways. Being respectful is one of those ways.  Respecting your students goes a long way, and in turn they will respect you. Teaching is a demanding job, but we did not choice to teach because it was easy. We chose to teach, to build the relationships that helps a person grow.

If you would like to watch the video. I have provided it here.


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