I had the pleasure of going to a Treaty Education Workshop held at the University of Regina.  This workshop was offered to all elementary education pre-internship students. The workshop was a way that my fellow students and I could get our heads around the concept of teaching treaty education.

During the last two days, we learned about what Treaties mean not only to the First Nation people but to of all Saskatchewan and Canada. I learned so much that I can not possibly mention everything.

The first thing I learned was that not all residential school survivors had the same horrible experiences that we hear about.  That there were abuses, that went on but not only from the authority figures but also from students onto other students.  One of the Elders stated that she asked the punishments that she got because back then that was how schools disciplined its students.

I also learned that collaboration with your colleges is very valuable.  We had group discussions to help us understand treaty learning. We also worked together to create a lesson plan that we could use in the classroom. During this exercise, I figured out how easy it is to fit Treaty Essential Learnings in to the rest of the Saskatchewan Curriculum. By the way the Office of the Treaty Commissioner has plenty of teacher resources. If you would like to get your hands on some here is the website http://www.otc.ca, all you have to do is sign up (P.s. it is free to sign up)

I would like to Thank the Elders that came to speak to us, to the facilitators from the Office of the Treaty Commissioner and the Faculty of Education for hosting the event.  I have not only walked away more knowledgeable about the history of Treaties, but I am now able to be confident that I can teach treaty education in a classroom.

Just remember that here in saskatchewan “We Are All Treaty People”.