Well day two went a lot better for me.  I felt more confident in the classroom and the students seems to react to this. My co-op teacher was only in the classroom in the morning and in the afternoon we had a guest teacher. As a soon to be teacher you always hear things like students acting out when there is a guest teacher. My students were little angels for all of the adults in the room. It was also nice to see how you teach a class when you are a guest teacher in the room.

Today I had the privilege to teach my 5/6 about the Federal Government of Canada. My lesson plan did not go how I planned it. However, There were a lot of that went well and things not so well. The first thing that went well what that the students seemed very interested in politics.  They knew about political parties and about voting, so learning about the duties and responsibilities of key government roles was the next step. I had set up stations were the students read about the position and wrote down three important facts. This was almost too hard for the students, however I feel that this is good practice for them when they move up in school. So I would not change this, but I would make it easier by not doing all the positions on one day.  The next time I teach this lesson I will only do two or three positions a class. Next thing I would do better is starting my power point when I started talking. I did have one prepared but I think out of nervousness, I forgot to project it until I was half way through the lesson.  I showed a video called Parliament 1,2,3  found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnwkGTtHHM8&feature=youtu.be. This is a good video but it was hard for some of my students since they were E.A.L. but I figured that they other students would benefit from watching this video.  So this posses a question,  how do you teach to a certain grade when your students are struggling at the basics?

By cooperating teacher did point out some things I need to work on and I agree. First I need to hand out their notebook and not have a mad rush of students to get their own, I also have to think of way that they will return their notebooks to me.. I never though of this, but it is a good target for me to work on. Next when having the kids work in groups, I need to say move your chairs to be with your group. I never thought of that, I assumed that they you just do it.   She did say that it was a good idea to pass they stations (information packages) to the next group and not have the students move.

Although I have a lot of critiques about my lesson, I feel that since this was my second time writing and teaching a lesson I did pretty good. If you have any comments on how I could teach this lesson better, please leave a comment.