Well I can not believe we are half way through pre-internship already. This week the kids were wired on sugar, I think every teachers nightmare is the week after Halloween. One student was literally bouncing up and down because of all the sugar he had consumed. That been said I learned a lot this week.  My professional target was making formative assignments of my students. This was achieved by writing my observation down on a clipboard.

This week I got this pleasure of teaching a health class. Since my class is a class of mix cultures I thought it was important to teach that gender, culture, and language do not make up the qualities in a friend. There has also been a few tiffs between the students because of this factors in our room.  Everything went well, we had a great conversion on what we look for in friends. However, when I broke my students into groups to write down their thoughts; I had one group fight they whole time. I thought this was ironic since this was a class on friendship. I ended splitting the group up and addressing their behaviour to the whole class.  Was this a okay thing to do? I thought it was important that all the groups know that every group member is important in a group.

This lesson plan was the greatest but after the fighting and the group presentations were done, we did a warm and fuzzy exercise. I had the students go around the room and write down one nice thing about everyone in the classroom. This worked really well, we were able to talk about how positive compliments make you feel. I also reinforced that one negative comments needs ten positive comments to erase it. The kids sucked that up like a sponge. How are some way you give your students positive feedback? Do you feel this is important in your classes.

Since my professional target was on formative feedback, my coop and I discussed that the group that fought would have got a score of 1 when it came to working in a group on their report card.  I then asked how does that effect the students that were trying to make it work, she replied that “over the year they will get their mark back up.” Do you agree with this assessment, should the whole group suffer because of one or two students? I don’t know my feelings about this, since teamwork is very important in the “real” world.

I have learned so much from my time in this wonderful classroom. I am sad that I will not be going there this week due to Remembrance Day. I can not wait to see everyone next week.