Well today was another great day in grade 5/6. My students are just so happy to see my partner and I when they walk in. It was quite funny when they asked me if we were doing another science experiment today. I think they learned something from me last week (haha I tricked them into learning).

This week the children were worked up and very loud. Megan and I both tried to get them to come down when we were teaching. I notice they are a little crazy when it is snowing outside. This maybe because most of them have not seen snow before.

Because it was November 25 on Wednesday I decided that we needed to do a Christmas activity since there was only one month left until Christmas. I decided that we should make ugly christmas sweater ornaments. The students loved this idea even the students that do not celebrate Christmas.  I differentiated the lesson by allowing the these students just to make the ugliest sweat ornament that they ever did see. We talked a bit about 2D design and why Ugly Christmas Sweaters are part of pop culture now. Since all students were engaged in the activity the classroom became quiet and work got done.

What a wonderful experience this week was.