We were given the task to rewrite a lesson plan in our ECS 301 class this week. I find that the learning to make a lesson plans have been very frustrating to me. I think that this is because I do not have the experience that my colleagues have.  I have been learning quickly and trying out different templates to see what I like best. I have found that I like the 5 E’s template works well for Science classes since they incorporate the lab report style of writing, which for me is second nature.

Since I have been introduced to the backwards by design method of lesson planning the hours that is was taking to create a lesson has decreased (Thank goodness). Before this template was introduced to me, I was thinking who the heck has time to create a useful plan. Since the whole idea of backwards by design is to work from the assessment forward, life has gotten a lot easier.

This assignment was to get us to meet with our colleagues and work together to make a okay lesson great.  This exercise was good, I like to collaborate with my colleagues to see what they are thinking, since we all have different Ideas. But I feel as a university student we are always collaborating, I would love to do some assignments on my own. Do teachers really collaborate as much as we do?

Through this process I did have a “ah ha” moment. There are different forms of formative assessments. Who Knew? I did not know until we started this assignment that there is informal and formal formative assessment. This blew my mind, so when I ask my students questions that is informal assessment and when I take in their journals that is formal. However, after this was explained to me and I finally understood what was going on another instructor through a wrench in my thinking.  He says that summative assessment can come after a lesson. Isn’t that where the formal formative happens. To me this is very confusing but I think I am going to continue with my knowledge of informal and formal formative assessment, and leave the summative until the end of a unit.  Maybe this will come more clear next semester when we finally take a assessment course.

After all this being said I do believe that our lesson is a lot better then what was given to us to begin with. My goal is now to figure out assessment now that I have the planning under control.