Well what a bittersweet day, our last day of pre-internship for this semester. I will miss my students, even the ones that like to cause problems. Megan and I finished our time with them with a drama lesson. I think it went very well, we used pechaflickr which is a fun tool to use for improv. Pictures come up and the participates have to come up with a story that my go along with the picture. Just a note of caution if you decide to use this website, you have to be as specific as you can possibly be since the generator just pulls pictures off of google that are tagged with that title.  We used Christmas vacation and it was fine.

The students then continued the story with their own dramas that they made up.  It was perfect, the students really engaged in the storytelling process of drama.  The students that did not work, where put on the spot and had to improv their story.  All in all, I think the kids had a lot good time learning about improv and dramatic context.

The rest of the day was pretty good, the fire drill through the kids for a loop.  I think many students learned that they need to wear their shoes inside. They were very lucky we are having the mildest winter in Saskatchewan in a very long time.  I do think when it comes to fire drills, students need to be debriefed afterwards in the classroom. The screaming and crying was very unacceptable and I would have addressed that behaviour with my grade 5 and 6’s before they were able to go to recess. Other then that it was good practice for myself, it has been awhile since I have been involved in a fire drill.

During the last period of the day the students were trying to hide their card that they made for us.  It was quite funny when they would try to pull our attentions away, so the student we where working with could sign the card. It is a lovely piece of artwork, that I will probably keep for a long time.  I can not wait to go back in March for my three week block, it will be awesome!

treaty workshop_2