Well that was a wonderful break we had. I especially loved being able to spend time with my family, but like all good this it had to come to an end. Semester 2 what a thought, only a year and a half left and we will be teachers.

So the first week and a half, I have felt very overwhelmed. The amount of work seems to be daunting when looking at the whole picture. So after crying and having a heart to heart discussion with my wonderful husband, I have decided to live one week at a time. I am also thinking positively about the everything around me.

Thinking positively comes easy to most people this is not me. I have always found it very easy to think negatively about the world, so this semester I have decided to post something positive on Facebook about my day. I have found this reflection working to be rewarding and making me not dwell on the bad things.

All in all, these past 2 weeks have been eye opening for me. I plan to keep this up.