So in assessment class we are reading through a document called Student Evaluation: a teachers handbook, this document was publish by the Ministry of Education here in Saskatchewan in 1991. I think it is time to update this manual.

So what has happened in the world since 1991, we went from a Conservative government to a Liberal government, back to Conservative, back to Liberal (remember this is 25 years of changes of power). On television, the show Friends was not written yet, all children were watching Fresh Prince of Bel-air and Full House. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch was popular for music and MC hammer pants and big hair was a “thing”. Terrorism was not a thought in anyones mind, the World Trade Centres were still standing, and the Collapse of the Soviet Union did not happen until the Winter of 1991.

I think it is now time for the Ministry of Education update this document. I sure hope that the way students have are evaluated has changed with the times. I just want to add in that most of my classmates were not even alive in 1991. Since I have started in the Education program here at the University of Regina, I have notice the changes since I attended elementary school.

I hope there is changes happening soon.