My three week block is coming up and I am very nervous about teaching everyday. Since this has been a goal of mine which has taken me to receive a bachelor’s degree in science, to working as a educational assistant to going to a different university to accomplish my goal. Now we are headed into our three week teaching block and life is busier then usual. Professors have upped the work load, assignments are due in the next two weeks and on top of it all I have to plan a unit for science that is interdisciplinary. Easy to do right?

In our pedagogy class there are three of us that have decided to do an inquiry project about how to teach cross curricular. Although we have not done a lot of research as of yet we have a good start. I have learned that teaching this way is a natural process. With some thought and preparing I can do this. For instance, I am able to work ELA into almost anything we do with since, if a read to the kids there is an active listening outcome, if I get the students to write a lab report, there is an outcome for that too.

We have found some really interesting websites that have discuss why teaching cross curricular is beneficial to students. Edutopia discuss why teachers need to teach in this way. The author has really good points, one being that today we can not teach one subject in isolation anymore. This site also gives help ideas on how to set up a cross curriculum lesson. The next website we found discussed why teaching cross curricular is beneficial to all students. This experiment based report lists the benefits for student and teachers alike. It is a really good read.

With this research I feel that I am now confident that I can teach my students in this way and we will all benefit.