No one told me that teaching would be easy, god knows that I have seen the amount of work that goes in to teaching our youth. However, over the past week I have been working on a couple of unit plans for my pre-internship three week block and I now realize how much work it takes to just plan. I have been a student for a long time now, and I thought the work that I had to do was a lot. Now I realize that my work is just getting started as a teacher.

I have been finding that when it comes to planning I am taking one step forward and three steps back. I think this is because I want to create the best unit for my students that I possibly can. I get an idea of how I want to present the information to my students, then I find something else online and I go back and change it. I have now been working on this unit for a month. Being realistic, I know that I will not have a month to write a unit plan when I’m teaching. The planning doesn’t just stop with units from the units I you create the lesson plan. But before the units you all have to have a year plan for every subject you teach. I have not done this much planning in my life.  I really commend my teacher friends that not only do this work everyday but they have families at home that they have to look after. Then on top of all this planning, they have mark too.

I leave you with this clip about marking from Mr. D. I feel that all teachers and hey lets face it students do this.

My hat goes off to you teachers out there, this is my question to you: how do you balance everything that expected of you, with your home life?