Well this week has gone by fast, the start of pre-internship has come and gone. My students are so wonderful and I am learning so much.  I have been teaching my grade 5/6 class all about force and simple machines.

When I wrote up my unit plan for simple machines, I had my students learning something new everyday. However, since the start of pre-internship I have revised my plans. I have decided that I rather my students learn one or two simple machines really well, then going over all of the simple machines and the students not remembering what they have learned.

I have found some excellent resources online with Teachers Pay Teachers. This is a great resource that all teachers should have in there back pocket. You can sell or buy different lesson plans. I found a lesson plan on first class levers that I adapted, and it worked like a charm. Did I mention that it was free!

The relationships that I have already formed with the kids in beyond great. Everyday they come in and smile and I remember why I love being in the classroom as much as I do. I have been able to form a relationship with the most difficult of students, and he now puts in the effort that I ask of him. I just can not wait of the upcoming two weeks. It will go by extremely fast.

But as I leave you for another week I want to pose this question: Why is it that you teach, is it because you like to form the relationships that you do? or is it because you get to pass on your knowledge to the next generation? I think for me it is a little of both.  I did read this quote the other day; Teaching is tough but so are you! everyday that we have a bad day, we need to remember this but it takes special people to do what we do.