Well another week has come and gone at the school. I have learned so much while being in the field. First, Classroom management changes with every class and on a daily basis. Second, no matter how much you try some kids will never fill out their worksheet and Lastly, the energy I once had has now gone. I still love to teach because of this ever changing atmosphere.

My students are all very good, even though some kids are more difficult than others. I feel that I have a great relationship with them all. However, I have found that with classroom management it changes on a hourly basis. I tried many different techniques this week, from counting down from 5 (5, 4,3,2 ,1 and eye on me) to working with a group at the front and keeping the other student engaged with simple machine word searches.  I found that all my students are engaged in my lessons I plan,  just my management strategies need work. Is this a first time teacher struggle?

How do you get students to fill out their worksheets? I have those students that do the work but do not fill in the worksheets. I have overcome this issue by having ten minutes of review and completion at the beginning of my classes. I also made sure to say to the kids that I wanted them to fill out their worksheet to the best of their ability, that way my EAL students did not feel like they were struggling. When I looked at their worksheets, I found that I got better work the next day.

Since being back in school and being a student again, I forgot how tired you get as a teacher. I have learned that I need a cup of coffee in the morning and when I get home from my work day. I also have been exercising and doing the things that relax me after school such as cooking. My question to you is how do you keep yourself energized as a teacher? Will I just get used to being tired all the time?

This was another great week and I cannot believe that this up coming week is our last week in the classroom. I feel like it is going to be a hard transition back to student again. I have been so thankful for this experience. IMG_1643

Me setting up a pulley experiment for my student. The kids learned that the more pulleys in a system the less effort it takes to move a load.