Well now that pre-internship is over I can truly say I love teaching. I belong in the classroom full of children teaching them about the world around them. I know that some of my classmates did not feel this way but I am so happy that I have made this choice.  Lately, a lot of people have been asking me how do I go to school full time, work two part time jobs and have a family at home. I’m not going to lie, I am very tired and I feel guilt all the time because I am not around for my young son. But when I was in the classroom, it made me feel confident in the decision that I made to go back to school.

I found that during my pre-internship I had more time for the other things in my life other then doing university work. I was able to plan the classes I would be teaching the night before without having to do a lot of research. Lately my university life has been writing paper and doing projects, which is fine. My strength does not lay in writing papers, I thrive in the relationships I make with my students. When they are able to come to me with their problems, not only in school work but also in life. I feel that I am actually making a difference in this person’s life. I felt truly blessed.

I found it funny how some students put of a blockade that does not allow anyone to cross the line but when you do as a teacher it feels amazing. I had a few boys in my class that tried to put these walls up with my partner and I but by the time we finished our three week block, the walls were down and they were sad to see us go. I laugh when I think of these boy’s half the time they would not do there work because “Why do I need to learn this”, however when it came to me teaching them science they were excited and engaged. They even reminded me of the video I showed on my first day of teaching. I take this as a win, at least they remembered something from me. Even if it is just the Pop-eye video I showed on the first day.

I am thankful for the students that I had for three weeks. I learned so much from them, I hope that they learned something from me, even if it is that pulleys are difficult to thread. I now feel that I am ready for my internship next semester. As my co-op said to me, Chelsey, you are a great teacher. Have confidence in yourself and everything else will come together. She is right, I am a great teacher and I will make the most of my university experience before I am once again out in the world, working.

IMG_1817 A student working on the hard to manage pulleys.


The video I showed my first day teaching Forces and Simple Machines. It left an impression on my students.