So today I have decided to discuss why do we as teacher rely so heavily on written assessments. I personally dislike the written assessment, they are time consuming to create, write and mark. So why do we as teachers rely on them so heavily?

Is it because our students need to be able to communicate their thoughts down on paper?Kind of what I’m doing right now. I think if we are trying to have our students write their thoughts down on paper, we should then have the write their thoughts on paper. Multiple choice, true or false, and fill in the bank sections on test save us time in marking but they do not necessarily show that the student is learning anything. Maybe they just know how do make educated guesses.

I personally like performance based assessments, these assessments allow the students to show that they truly understand what they are doing. Performance based assessments can be representative of a ‘real life’ scenario or it could be based off an inquiry that the student completed. Performance based assessments also allow students to learn while they are preparing for the performance itself.

Performance based assessments can also be interdisciplinary, cross curricular and done in many subjects. All subjects in school allow for students to perform what they have learned in front of an audience. It has been my experiences that students love to show off their ‘mad skills’ to people that are truly there to watch them and learn from the students.

So I ask again, why not just written assessments? because they are boring to the teacher and the student.