Today I have decided to blog about the end of semester. Usually the end of semester means relaxing and enjoying life. Well this time around I feel like I’m just keeping my head above water. The think is I am a dedicated student, I think of it as my full time job. When you have family you have to take school that way. So I have been doing homework everyday for about 5 hours a day. Which you would think that I would be all caught up and living life on easy street. Well let me tell you the truth, I feel like this ship is sinking. Everywhere I turn I can another think to put on to the pile of work that I have to do.

Now I know that it sounds like I’m complaining, which I guess I am kind of. I just feel that the semester has gotten away from me. I heard through the grape vine that assignments were not to be assigned during our pre-internship block, so lets have everything due when we get back. I think the university should look at the policy, I know that my colleagues and I have been feeling brunt out since we got back from our time away.

I know that this is university and I did choose to come back but I feel that there is a reason why so many of my colleagues including myself feel broken after this semester. Many times I did hear that you have to make time for yourself, what are you going to do to keep mentally healthy? I can tell you this, I fell in to the spiral of doing homework and looking after my family and not being able to do things for myself.

As I write this I am thinking of ways that I can help someone else that feels the same way I did and still do to an extent. First, lean on someone for support. I used my husband and my colleague and my family to keep me going. Keeping the conversation going is well worth it. Next, stop work at some part of the day and just sit. I decided that work can wait when I need time to rejuvenate. I for one stop all work at 9pm and had a couple of hours to myself at night (although now I’m struggling to finish my work). Next drink a lot of coffee or a beverage you like. I love coffee so I drink a lot of it. Hey I am a parent of a young boy and a student with two part time jobs. Somedays coffee is the only thing that gets me going in the morning. Lastly find a passion and do not let go. I love decorating, I was lucky to find a part time job that allows me to decorate customers homes. I still get the gratification so decorating, and not spend my own money…win win.

I would like to also direct you to a website that has a lot of helpful hints. Bell lets talk and information to help you keep the conversation going and to let you know that you are not alone.  If you have other helpful websites please comment so that we can keep everyone mentally healthy.