Throughout my life, I have been told that learning to knit is difficult to when you are left handed. My mother and grandmother both could not show me how to knit because they are right handed and holding the yarn is different for a right handed person than a left handed person. So when this learning project was presented to me I instantly thought that I would learn how to knit.

I thought during the age of computers and technology that I would be able to find a ton of resources and videos on how to knit left handed. This is not the case, as I have found out. Even though I searched “left handed knitting for a beginner” on Youtube to get videos, most videos were right handed people trying to teach how to knit left handed.  However, I did find a video that shows how to cast a needle and how to stitch your first row of knit stitching. The diagrams in the pictures and on the video seem complicated but they really are not, I have some tips:

  1. Hold the needle comfortable to you. I have a messy looking hold but at least I’m getting a needle casted.
  2. Make sure you watch the video and look at the diagrams closely. This seems easy but you need to make sure everything is in the right way.
  3. Make sure the yarn is going over your thumb and not under. That was my big mistake.
  4. make sure your stitches are not too tight; doing this is just going to make your first row of knit stitching hard.
  5. Knit stitching is easier than casting, just make sure that you follow the steps that the video shows you.

I also recommend not doing the mistake it did and by a small gauged needle set. My grandma recommends a 5mm gauge, I bought a 4mm set (She was not home when I called to ask, and I bought anyway), big mistake.

Lastly take your time. Don’t rush and don’t get frustrated. Knitting is a hard skill for right handed people, us lefties are in for a challenge.