I am not a good writer. So when I was assigned to write a research paper, I decided to see what the internet has to help me with this task.

I found a couple of extremely helpful references, generators, and blogs to get anyone started:

The first website that I consulted was Purdue Owl.  This website is user-friendly, and it is easy to navigate and read. Personally, I use it when I do not want to consult the APA manual.

During my research, I also found an APA Citation Generator. This generator will shorten the time when it comes to referencing. However, when it comes to using it, always consult the manual before submitting your paper. I find that not all generators are consistent when it comes to the formatting of research papers.

Remember when you are writing in APA style your audience is important. Many professionals that do not read essays that they are not interested in. It is your job as the author to capture their attention.

I hope that these suggestions help you with your journey in writing research papers. I have found them useful throughout the research paper I have been writing.