One of our assignments this week was to cybersleuth a classmate to see what you can find on the internet. I cyber sleuthed Amy Klassen, I actually found it very hard to find anything on Amy. The first search engine I used was duckduckgo.  This engine prides itself on not storing information on you.  Using duckduckgo, I found that there are many Amy Klassen’s out there in the world. The first Amy I found is a University Professor, the second was on a dating profile, and I found a third Amy that works at REMAX; none of which were the Amy I was looking for. Finally, I found her via her twitter account. Which is disturbing because I feel that as teachers we need our professional sites to come up on search engines first, However; Amy does do a good thing here. She has her twitter account linked to her professional student blog, which I linked above. 

Since the duckduckgo engine was not producing a lot of hits on Amy, I then moved to google to see what they would come up with. The same thing happened, although this time Amy’s Instagram photos came up. Although I did not find her Facebook page, I did find all her other social media accounts. These included Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

Because I cyber sleuthed Amy, it was only fitting that the did the same to me. When she gave me back my results I was a little surprised. She found my phone number off of an introduction letter that I posted on my blog for an assignment I did a year ago. Trust me it is now time to update that letter.

So why was this exercise important? In just a few minutes both Amy and I were able to pull stuff up about one another. If we did not have such good digital identities the results might have brought up something more.  In a world of technology, we are almost impulsively putting stuff about ourselves on the internet.  The thing about the internet is that it does not forget.  This is something that we have to teach our students about. They need to know that their digital identity will follow them for the rest of their life. A picture or a post from when you are young can haunt you for the rest of your life.

A person cybersleuthing.
A person cyber sleuthing.