So I have been working away knitting on my knitting project. It is all fun but I was like what kind of support is out there when I need help. Well, let me tell you there is a lot in the knitting community. I just signed up for Ravelry this is an online community that has it all for beginners to the experienced.

This community has different patterns, forums and places to purchase yarn. I have been finding that the forum is where the beginners communicate about how their projects are going and a place to ask questions. I also like the Ravelry as a place where you can link your own blog so other knitters can connect.

As a continue to explore this online community, I wonder if you belong to a community for your learning project. What does your community provide you? Do you feel like the community is there to support you?

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Happy Learning Everyone!

Photo credit: leanforward_photos
Photo credit: leanforward_photos