I have been think of how can I help other left-handed want to be knitters to knit. I struggled and still am not the best at knitting but I have come up with some tricks and have found so extremely useful websites that can help when you are struggling.

First trick- cast on and then rip it out several times. I find that if the cast on is not how tight you want the stitches to be, ripping it out and starting over gain is extremely helpful. Now, most people would not agree with me but I think of it this way. The cast on is the most important part of your project. If the cast on is too loose or too tight then the rest of the rows will not turn out right. Plus there is something that is satisfactory when it comes to ripping out stitches.


Second- Learn the codes for the pattern. This sounds silly but if you don’t know what K1 or P1 means then you have no chance to understanding the pattern. I found that just putting the abbreviations into google is extremely useful. Since google knows everything it comes up with the term and videos that show how to knit that way.


Lastly, There are many websites out there to help you learn to knit but you have to be extremely picky on which ones to follow. WikiHow has a page on left-handed knitting but not videos (I need the videos to learn). Knitting Left-handed for dummies looks good but it only gives you a start then wants you to buy the book. Finally, LearningtoKnit.com is a good, However, once again there is only pictures and instructions. At least the pictures should you set by step.


Remember like everything practice makes perfect, my projects look scary but I’m just learning and moving at my own speed. You don’t need to be the best, everyone started somewhere.


Ps. I found a machine that you can buy that knits for you, because why not.