Last night I was struggling with a new pattern and thought I could not be the only beginner struggling. When teaching in a classroom, we are helping different languages all the time. Some languages we teach include spoken language, the language of math and the language of code.  If the student does not understand the language, they then get frustrated and shut down. That was my reaction last night, I could not understand the language of the pattern I was trying. I got frustrated and stopped doing what I was knitting. After awhile, I decided that I would try again. That made the difference when I came back to the pattern with a clear mind I was able to figure out what was being asked.

I have found the abbreviations are popular when it comes to knitting patterns. Some abbreviations that I have come across include:

  • inc, an increase
  • K1, Knit one stitch
  • P1, Purl one stitch
  • Sl1, slip stitch
  • psso, pass slip stitch over
  • P3tog, purl 3 together
  • K1 YO K1 knit one, yarn over, knit one.

Confusing right, that is what I thought. I have been learning the language of knitting by doing a copy and paste of the abbreviation into Google. Google usually produces an explanation and a video to watch.

Here are the pattern instructions that confused me last night.

Instructions found at:

The highlighted area is still confusing to me, although, my project is starting to look right. If you understand this language please comment below and tell me what I am supposed to be doing. Do I just increase 2 stitches or do I increase 42? What is the stand alone 42 stitches?