Throughout ecmp 355 we were asked to contribute to the learning of others by exploring the internet and creating a PLN. This blog post is about how I accomplished this task and how this experience has changed me as a teacher.

Commenting On Others Blogs

When it comes to commenting on others blogs, I would be the first to admit I did not comment as much as I should have been. I did, however, read the blogs. When I am learning I tend to absorb as much as possible before commenting.  lI do have some examples for when I did leave a comment:

Here Amy and I have been working on a learning project, we were just congratulating ourselves on a job well done.

I was commenting on the Social Activism and how having the conversation with our students is very important.

Lastly, this comment was about a Learning project on how her leopard cake will be the talk of the staff room at her future school.

I have learned from the comments that I have been receiving on my blogs. It is very important to give comments that are constructive to the conversation. When commenting it should be thoughtful and positive, even if you do not agree with the author’s post. Being negative is never ok when commenting.


Interacting with Others

This is one of my strengths, I love to meet new people and learn from them and their experiences. I commit to this by using Twitter as my go-to professional social media platform. I follow the hashtags: #Saskedchat, #edtechafterdark, #edchat, and  #slowedchat . Out of these four hashtags, I do participate with #saskedchat the most. I like #saskedchat because it is Saskatchewan-based and I can connect with teachers in my area. With the other three chats, I mostly trolled the conversations.


I also interacted with others with our Google + community.

Through asking questions, answer others questions and yes having some fun too. I interacted with my classmates in a positive constructive matter. I still feel that I have more to learn but I helped out where I could.

Here are some examples of my interactions:




Also went beyond the internet and took what I learned with me to my school I currently work at. Through conversations with other teachers my students that I work with benefited. I was able to show some of my students with autism how to use Hour of code and code academy. I also was able to help them edit their movies for Commercial Media class. With teachers, I shared my new knowledge of Google Classroom, Powtoon, and Screencastify. In all, my coworkers and students benefited from what I have learned.

Writing Posts in Response

There were a couple of times throughout this semester that I read about educational technology and had to blog about it. The first was my blog about virtual reality being used in classrooms and blogging in the classroom being beneficial to students. In both cases, I decided it was beneficial to my readers to explain what was being said on the other blog and what my personal take was on it. I also wrote a blog post on writing APA style to help others that do not know what technology is out there to help in writing papers.

Through my experiences over the last semester, I have learned that it is important to connect with other whether that is through a PLN online or in person. Other teachers have the acquired knowledge that can help one out when you simply do not know. Through ecmp 355, I have been able to see technology and teacher networking is important in the classroom.