Subject/Grade: 5/6   Lesson Title: Ugly Christmas

                       Sweater       Teacher: Chelsey Sharpe

Stage 1: Identify Desired Results


CP5.7 Create visual art works that express ideas about, and draw inspiration from, pop culture.

f.  Experiment with pop art styles in 2-D.
CP5.8  Create art works using a variety of visual art concepts (e.g., positive space), forms (e.g., graphic design, photography), and media (e.g., mixed media, paint).

f.  Demonstrate ability to represent visual details to enhance depictions of objects.

ELA CC5.1 Compose and create a range of visual, multimedia, oral, and written texts that explore, identity (e.g., What Should I Do), community (e.g., This is Our Planet), social responsibility (e.g. Teamwork) and express personal thoughts shaped through inquiry.

  1. Create spoken, written, and other representations that include:
    1. a clear and specific message
    2. a logical and coherent organization of ideas
    3. a competent use of language and conventions.
Key Understandings: (‘I Can’ statements)
Create a 2-D visual art project in pop art style with a lot of details

– Write a clear explanation about my favorite parts of the holidays

-Use language and sentence structure correct

Essential Questions:
-How can you use detail to enhance your art?

-What is/are your favorite part/s of the holiday?

Stage 2: Determine Evidence for Assessing Learning

  • informal formative: Visual art project has multiple colors and multiple details.  Not taking in for marks, but will gather evidence while moving around the classroom while students are working.

Stage 3: Build Learning Plan

Set (Warm-up, Focusing the Learning):       Time: 5 minutes

  • Get students settled into their seats
  • Get out markers/colored pencils, scissors, glue.
  • Ask students: If they have heard of ugly Christmas sweater parties?
    • If they know what ugly christmas sweaters look like?

Development:                                                Time: 40 minutes

  • Students will be given the handout attached and design their own “ugly holiday sweater” (front and back) ornament using markers, colored pencils.
  • Once both sides of the sweater are colored, students will need to cut them out and then glue the two sides together with a string coming from the top to create an ornament.
  • See attached for handout

Learning Closure:                                      Time: 5 minutes

  • Clean up all materials
  • Students that are done early will be asked to fill out a worksheet that asks what is their very part of the Holidays?




*Christmas Ribbon

Management Strategies:
*Have students work alone on both of these tasks

Safety Considerations

Possible Adaptations/


*If students do not celebrate the holidays, they can make a ugly sweater

*If students do not celebrate the holidays they can write about what they do during the school break.

Stage 4: Reflection

This lesson was fantastic. All students were engaged and loved it when I said their sweaters were “ugly and gross to look at”.  Even the students that did not celebrate christmas found the activity fun. There was not enough time for my students to answer the worksheet questions. One or two students did it anyway.