Professional Development Plan

Topic:             Science      Date: November 18, 2015

Teacher:        Chelsey Sharpe              Observer: Carlie Bertnell

  1. Professional Target

Public Speaking

  1. Steps to Achieve Target
  1. Instructions to observer (be specific):

Please record how many time I refer to the students as “guys”.

didn’t notice any

  1.  Data Collection:

Video opened on the computer

What is matter?

Student answers.

States of Matter Video

I ALWAYS KEEP THE DATA PROJECTOR CLOSED  when pulling up a youtube video (there have been some really inappropriate commercials that have popped up before)

Silly Putty Demonstration

Examples of the states of matter.

Asked Nick to come help (great strategy)

“Everyone come closer so you can see”

(grade 6’s standing on the table to see)

 “Boy’s can you get off the desk please and come close”

Lot’s of excitement in the classroom.  🙂

“I wan’t you to make your own flubber, so go back to your desks and I’ll get you into groups”

Numbered off 1-6 for groups.  ( it drives me nuts how some kids can’t remember what # they got)

 #1 , # 2,  # 3 (clean-up)  # 4 (exit slips)  

Students were told what each number would be responsible for.   Writing this on the board as you explain each job would help the visual kids who don’t listen very well

Supplies passed out in an orderly fashion.

Students to fill in worksheet states of matter first.

Good call on bringing the food coloring around to them.

Students to line up to all go wash hands. (good call)

Reviewed What Happened.

Well planned lesson.  Kids were into it the experiement and enjoyed it.

Worksheets – name on top and handed back in.  Class cleaned.  

Index cards for kids to fill out.  

Video for last few minutes before recess.  (nice way to go into recess quietly)