When coming into pre-internship I did know what to expect. I had fears of it being a total mess to me rocking as a pre-intern. None of that happened, but I was very happy that I had such an excellent partner in the classroom. She was great with the kids and very personable. However, I found myself to be shy at first and not as outgoing. So that is what I’m going to work on next week.

I feel very lucky to have ended up in a multicultural classroom. The kids are amazing and the teacher is so accepting to everyone in there. Since most of the students use english as their additional language, as a community the class works together to make sure everyone understands what is being asked of them. It is quite neat to witness.

Our lesson plan did not go as smoothly as I hoped for.  However, the students enjoyed the tangled web activity. It works very well, the kids were eager to catch the yarn, so they could contribute in the discussion. Here is a link to the plan that we did:   http://www.protocol-education.ca/blog/protoblog-sophiew-lesson-ideas-tangled-web. We had to change our lesson plan at the last second. We where going to have the children make name tags for their desks, but since they already had their names on their desks, the activity was redundant.  I think we should have concluded our lesson plan a lot better. We just ended it and had the students put their desks back.  We should have concluded with a debrief on the activity.  We could have discussed that in their community, there were many kids that do many different things what make them unique. It would have had more of a closure to the plan.

Lastly, the classroom we were in was an open concept classroom, with an opening between our class and the 4/5 class next door.  I went to an elementary school that was open concept,I had forgotten how noisy and disruptive it can be.  However, the children seem to have become accustomed to the surroundings. However, it must be madding for the teacher to always have to compete with the other class.

All in all it was a great day. I can not wait to go back next week and improve myself.  Also I am going to be teaching about the Canadian Federal Government, If you have any helpful ideas on how I should approach the topic. please leave me a comment.